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Generator Salvage – UTE CCG Parnaiba II (Brazil)

Tags: Power Generation Thermoelectric Conventional Energy CCG

return Generator Salvage – UTE CCG Parnaiba II (Brazil)

Client: INITECSA (Generator salvage operation – CCG Parnaiba II. Santo Antônio dos Lopes, Maranhão - Brazil). 

ATD Group was resposible for the salvage engineering and operation process of main cargo enerator (GE). This project demanded to handle the generator without using lifting rings due to position of cargoes. Before handling the piece and working on the main lifting, ATD prepared a procedure of several steps, including a detailed maneuvers engineering study with all the necessary measures to avoid more damage on generator. 

After the procedure was approved by General Electric and INITECSA, ATD began the operation for maneuvers (step 1) and main lifting (step 2):

  • Step 1 - maneuvers using hydraulic resources and gantry (500 ton) overhead crane keeping piece vertically in a right position before main lifting.
  • Step 2 - main lifting using telescopic crane 750 ton of capacity and handling in over SPMT.